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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Folk Music Award

I was honoured and thrilled when my latest album Southern Odyssey won the Tui award for best folk album of 2007. It's been a long time between drinks (as they say) since my last success in the N.Z. Music Awards.

My album Springtime in the Mountains took out the inaugural award way back in 1984, followed by my contribution to Send the Boats Away in 1985. Since then there have been a further 10 albums released, 3 of which were shortlisted finalists and 2 were ineligible, because they were recorded in Oz.

It was extremely gratifying to receive this unexpected award at the Auckland Folk Festival in January where I dedicated it to the recently deceased Murray Vincent of Kiwi Pacific Records, who had a big hand in helping to release the album and I'm sure would have enjoyed the moment.

Southern Odyssey
was a project commissioned by Creative Southland to higlight tourism and heritage trails in that province and as such was never intended for widespread commercial release.

The project was put together by Jim Geddes of Gore and were it not for his vision and foresight may never have seen the light of day - however in his wisdom Jim decided the songs needed a wider audience and contacted Murray Vincent of Kiwi Pacific Records to ensure this happened.

Winning this award added to an already impressive track record for the project had earlier won a creative communities award.