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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Phil's Latest News

 It's been far too long since my last posting and so much has happened in the last year not the least of which have been the damaging earthquakes felt throughout Canterbury. I was booked in to start recording a new album towards the end of February but as a result of the fallout from the big quake on 22 Feb I had to put everything on hold. It has taken some months to get the recording sessions back on track and I finally made a start in November. The new album Damper Duff and Doughboys is now finished and I'm expecting it to be released hopefully in time for a number of concerts planned around the country in March.

Another couple of albums from my back catalogue were re-released after being digitally remixed and mastered during the year so that I now have 9 albums available on CD. In some cases tracks were rescued, remixed and added to the original recordings. Those back albums, featuring new and improved covers, now available on CD are - the award winning Springtime in the Mountains from 1984 - Hunger in the Air, 1987 - Wind in the Tussock 1989, - How Are You Mate 1990. There are still 2 more albums in the pipeline and I'll keep everyone informed about them as and when they become available.

With so many entertainment venues unavailable it has become extremely difficult to find places to play, so much so that I've had to look further afield, taking my music to other centres on a more frequent basis. Immediately after appearing in Naseby again over Easter for the Bards, Ballads and Bulldust Festival I was invited to present a concert in Invercargill for the Southland Festival of Arts at the end of April - this was well attended and went off pretty well I thought. Unfortunately I couldn't fly out of Invercargill on the Sunday evening due to heavy fog and had to spend another cosy night in the deep south.

My band, Bush Telegraph, had only a couple of bookings to fulfil during the year - the highlight of which was a barn dance for Larcomb's Winery and it was just like old times for us, having spent some 4 years in residency for them a few years ago.

I flew to Auckland in October to give a concert for some corporate overseas visitors to the Rugby World Cup. The organiser of this event was an expat Kiwi living and working in London and this was a grand opportunity for some rugby fans from Ireland, England, Scotland, Dubai and Australia to hear some of our Kiwi songs, yarns and poetry. I must admit to feeling some trepidation approaching this sort of event, but it turned out to be a really great night with a large number of my books and CDs managing to find new homes around the globe!

After considerable delay and four years in the pipeline, my new songbook was finally published by Kiwi Pacific Records in early December (just in time for Christmas) and quite a few copies were sold in that initial burst. The songbook will give me something else to promote once my promotional touring gets under way in March. Speaking of books, the sequel to Faces in the Firelight has been with the publisher since March last year and I'm living in hope that it will see the light of day sometime in the next few months. Its title has yet to be settled but there are still a couple of options to consider.

I know this year will be much better than the last so it's onwards and upwards until next time.