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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Remixing Old Album

With Christmas approaching once again it seems appropriate to update my involvement with all things folk as I look forward to a better summer than that experienced last year. It certainly can't be any worse!

   Sadly the new folklore book has stalled for the time being and won't be published this year as promised. I'm now hoping it will see the light of day sometime next year all going well. As the Mainland Cheese advt says "good things take time!"

 Following hard on the heels of the promotional tour for Damper, Duff & Doughboys  I undertook further concerts down south in Gore and Invercargill during early October and these proved quite successful. Immediately on my return I had to head off to Lake Tekapo for yet another one off performance, managing to depart just before a heavy snowfall hit the MacKenzie Country. However I wasn't quite so lucky after my appearance with Bush Telegraph at Cardrona Folk Festival just a week later. We had a great time at the festival and fortunately moved lots of CDs, but during the return trip home I drove into a huge snow storm in The MacKenzie, which started just after Twizel and lasted right through to Fairlie. Visibility was almost nil with snow piled high to the side of the road - After all these years it was certainly the worst one I've had to drive in. Nonetheless it proved to be an interesting experience.

   I've just finished re-recording and remixing my old album Colonial Yesterdays, which saw me including some new tracks (recorded around the same time frame) and rescued from oblivion. The original album never made it past LP format and hasn't been available since the early 1980s. So it's most timely that it will be re-released in CD format, probably early next year. 

    The LP received many favourable reviews when it was first released back in 1975, but with the addition of 6 further tracks it will become almost a brand new album. I've managed to include the following tracks with the new mix:- Soon May The Wellerman Come - Song For Captain Cook - By The Dry Cardrona - Taumarunui - Run For Your Life - The Day The Pub Burned Down, as well as adding some new instrumentation to a few of the original tracks. Generally speaking the accompaniments have remained reasonably sparse in keeping with the original album. I'm looking forward to its re-release in the very near future.

      This now leaves only one album remaining to be digitally remastered and remixed:- 

Down A Country Road will be the final recording to receive the 'modern' treatment and this should get underway early next year. Once completed, my full Kiwi Pacific recorded catalogue will be finally available in CD format. The next step will be to make all the tracks available for digital download and I'll keep you posted as and when this is likely to occur.

Meanwhile enjoy the coming summer months and have a wonderful Christmas.